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Dear friends and all afficionados of the metal esthetic in particular, today marks the official release of the Czech edition of the exquisite artbook "Masterpieces" by the British publishing house Heavy Music Artwork, which offers the best metal artworks of 2018!

Dear friends and warriors in particular, just a few days away is the one month anniversary of the release of the new full-length "Flame of Rebellion" by the Czech death/black metal horde Purnama, so it is only apt that this album now gets its first music video, straight for its title song "Rebellion"!

Dear friends, we are exactly a week away from the release of the Czech translation of the exquisite artbook MASTERPIECES, which offers the best metal artwork of 2018! Last time we brought you a reminder as to the book itself and its contents, in today's refresh, we shall look at who is behind it.

Dear friends, do you recall "Masterpieces"? We intended to publish the Czech version of this exquisite book late last year, yet getting everything ready ultimately took longer than expected. However, now we are delighted to announce that all is set, and the "Masterpieces" will thus come out February 20, 2020! And since we are on the subject, allow us to remind you what it is all about.

Dear friends, our first release for 2020 is here, for today the second full-length "Flame of Rebellion" of the Czech death/black metal horde Purnama comes officially out in jewel case with sleeve formatOrder now on MetalGate e-shop!

Dear friends, so that you have the upcoming weekend more pleasant, we are back with our coverage pertaining to the upcoming new album "Flame of Rebellion" by the Czech death/black metal horde Purnama, and since its release is coming soon, it is time to sample the new material!