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Dear friends, welcome to the fourth installment of our coverage pertaining to the October double-release. Today, we are looking at the art of both upcoming albums.

Dear friends, another installment of our coverage pertaining to the October double-release is here, and as promised, today's installment is covering the birth of the upcoming third full-length "Arrival" by the melodic metal outfit Arch Of Hell.

Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage regarding the October double-release. Today we are looking at how the two albums took shape, beginning with the upcoming seventh full-length "Old Dogs" by the metal-soul outfit Six Degrees Of Separation.

Dear friends, a new month is here and with it another item from this year's release plan of MetalGate Records, and a double one at that, for at the end of October you can look forward to new albums by two of the bands signed under us, namely Six Degrees Of Separation and Arch Of Hell!

Dear friends, our "talks" are becoming a regular thing, as in case of the Czech black-doom act Voluptas it would also not go amiss to discuss with the band their current impressions now that their second studio opus "Towards the Great White Nothing" is released, as well as their musical evolution and what awaits them in the near future. So, enjoy!

Dear friends, today marks the official release of the second full-length opus "Towards the Great White Nothing" of the Prague-based black-doom act Voluptas in digipack formta! Highly recommended for all, who revel in filthy, raw black metal that is however not afraid to transgress its boundaries to more experimental territories, such as noise or ambient. Order now on MetalGate e-shop!