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Dear friends, "November Doom" on MetalGate e-shop is about to reach its finale, and we still have a couple of aces up our sleeve so to speak. Today, we are revealing one of those, while also looking at two other note worthy acts to complete our triptych. The other ace is due Friday. Let us proceed.

Dear friends, the release of the split album "Fullmoon Alchemy Narcotic Session", which represents a unique confluence of the post-metal icon DROM and the sludge-doom hydra BLUES FOR THE REDSUN, is less than a week away. Our coverage thus enters its final leg, whereupon we are diving into music samples!

Dear friends, the third batch of new arrivals within our thematic event "November Doom" on MetalGate e-shop is here. So, what are we offering you this time?

Dear friends, welcome to another installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming vinyl split "Fullmoon Alchemy Narcotic Session", which unites the powers and musical mastery of two icons of the Czech metal alternativeDROM and Blues For The Redsun.

Dear friends, our thematic event "November Doom" is in full swing on MetalGate e-shop, whereby we would like to present you another batch of related acquisitions:

Dear friends, two months remain till the end of the year and two titles (plus one bonus) till the conclusion of our anniversary release plan. Let's thus contemplate what is to come in November, which it is apt to preface that it is a special title indeed!