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Dear friends, our coverage pertaining to the CD version of the new album "In Situ" of the industrial metal mining consortium War For War, which this time nonetheless ventures into purely electronic (i.e. aggrotech) spheres and comes out next week no less, continues. Today's installment is a hefty one, for we are bringing you the album sampler!

Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage pertaining to the new album "In Situ" of the industrial metal mining consortium War For War. If you are familiar with our coverage, you know that at this point of the sequence, we usually bring you a studioreport about the recording of the album in question.

Dear friends, with the festival successfully behind us, it is time to resume our label related activities, since for the auspicious completion of our anniversary release plan, there are five more titles to go. So, what is next on the list?

Dear friends, we entered the sixth month, but before we move in our anniversary release plan to the sixth title, we shall loop back to the beginning, to the piece that opened this year's release ride - to "Sinister Species" by the Czech death metal icon Tortharry.

Dear friends, D day is here! Today marks the official release of the third full-length "W.R.A.T.H." of the Czech thrash-death outfit ANTIGOD that brings to life the Siberian ordeal of the Czechoslovak Legions in the final year of the Great War. The album is released in digipak format and, as we announced yesterday, available in two editions, the special one of which contains army dog tags with band logo. Order now on MetalGate e-shop!

Dear friends, here comes the third installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming new album "W.R.A.T.H." of the Czech thrash-death metal company ANTIGOD. Today we shall dive into the album art.