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Dear friends, before we continue with our current label developments, we shall use an idle moment to look once again back on our past releases. And given the recently released split "UR", it would not go amiss to reminisce about its predecessor, likewise a vinyl split "Fullmoon Alchemy Narcotic Session"!

Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming new opus “Towards the Great White Nothing” of the Czech black-doom act Voluptas, in which we shall consider primarily the visual side of this album.

Dear friends, as the summer is slowly but surely drawing to a close, it is time for us to dive into the remaining part of the release plan of our label for this year. We are beginning on our home turf so to speak, i.e. in the Prague undercurrents, wherein the black-doom act Voluptas re-emerges with its second full-length opus.

Dear friends, a while ago we brought you an interview with the Prague-based alternative post-rock veterans Tengri (not only) about the new split album, so it is warranted that we add also the Liberec-based post-metal icon DROM, as the other side of the same coin in the context of "UR"

Dear friends, before we dive into the upcoming titles in our release plan for this year, we are looking back into our (not so distant) past, i.e. to 2019, when we released the debut album of the Czech radioactive lizards Hnus Umírající.

Dear friends, we are following up on the recently released vinyl split "UR" of the Czech tandem of the post-metal icon DROM and the alternative post-rockových veterans Tengri. Now, that this piece, majestic both music and visual-wise, is out, a logical question comes to mind as to how it is perceived by the artists involved themselves. And so, somewhat unsually, we asked ourselves, first the Prague-based side of this coin, Tengri