Dear friends, welcome to the fifth installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming bible of all gourmets and hedonists, i.e., of the book "Necro Cook: Podivuhodná kuchařka Toma Necrococka a Houbové Marie". Do you remember us mentioning that this culinary opus has its musical dimension as well? Well, today, you are getting a glimpse of precisely that!

To recall, the thing in question is the EP "Tafelmusik (Das Vorgericht)" with three songs, which Maestro Necrocock composed as a soundtrack for his Extraordinary Cookbook (whereby being an integral part of this release), but also as an entreé to his upcoming new full-length. In addition, "Tafelmusik" is yet another proof that Necrocock is a stranger to no genre, since this time we find him in a Baroque-ambient locality.

But do not just take our word for it, and take a listen to a sample, i.e. the concluding third track entitled "Sala terrena" in the form of a lyricss video.

Enjoy and more next time!

Video by Woll Design