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Dear friends, today we have one more piece of news for you, i.e. another installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming commemorative album "Retrorgy" of the Czech grindcore legend ISACAARUM, which will offer you already next month re-recorded material from 1999 to 2001.

Dear friends, one special thematic offering on MetalGate e-shop is concluded, and so we shall not waste any time and dive straight into another! The X-mas maddness is in almost full swing already, and so we are joining the fray. Get ready for KILLER X-MAS on MetalGate e-shop!

Dear friends, if you attended this year's Obscene Extreme festival, or at least kept it on your radar, we need not remind you that the 2018 installment saw the return of the legend of Czech grindcore - ISACAARUM...

Dear friends, the final batch of our "Novermber Doom" collection is here. If you have been keeping track so far, you surely noticed that it is a diverse offering that includes not only the purest funeral doom, but also a myriad of combinations of doom with other subgenres.

Dear friends, please accept our invitation to a narcotic-chymical wedding of post-metal and sludge-doom, for today the vinyl split album "Fullmoon Alchemy Narcotic Session", which brings the union of two frontrunners of the Czech metal alternative - DROM and Blues For The Redsun - is officially released! Order now on MetalGate e-shop!

Dear friends, "November Doom" on MetalGate e-shop is about to reach its finale, and we still have a couple of aces up our sleeve so to speak. Today, we are revealing one of those, while also looking at two other note worthy acts to complete our triptych. The other ace is due Friday. Let us proceed.