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Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming second full-length "Certa Omnibus Hora" of the Prague-based post-metal/doom quintet The Corona Lantern. Today we shall change the usual sequence a bit and dive into the album art.

Dear friends, the second part of our October double-release, the seventh studio full-length "Old Dogs" by Six Degrees Of Separation is delayed, as its manufacturing turned out to be more complicated than originally planned. Our apologies, though based on the info we have, it should not be long now.

Dear friends, it is here: today the third full-length "Arrival" by the Czech melodic metal outfit Arch Of Hell is officially released in digipack format! If you fancy modern metal that fuses melodic death, metalcore and symphonic parts, or "däniken-esque" motifs of crypto-archeology and paleo-astronautics, this piece should not escape your attention. Order now on MetalGate e-shop!

Dear friends, the next installment of our coverage regarding the October double-release is here, and with it we continue sampling what is heading your way. Today, we are looking at the proverbial other side of the same coin, i.e. at Arch Of Hell and their upcoming third full-length "Arrival"!

Dear friends, the next month shall bring as well noteworthy titles from the provenience of our label. One such release, which you can look forward to in late November, is the second full-length "Certa Omnibus Hora" by the Czech alternative metal quintet The Corona Lantern, which we thus welcome into our ranks!

Dear friends, our coverage regarding the October double-release marches on with another installment, in which we are diving in to the new material, beginning again with Six Degrees Of Separation and their upcoming seventh full-length "Old Dogs".