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Dear friends, yesterday Ceny Břitva announced award recipients for 2018, and we will not lie that the results brought us more than a pleasant surprise:

Dear friends, do you recall the special collection on MetalGate e-shop dedicated to the upcoming MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2019? We added new ammuniton to it, so even during those three weeks that remain till the kick off of the 11th installment of our/your Czech metal feast you can still get yourself acquainted with this year's repertoire.

Dear comrades, if one's work performance is to reach at least 120%, the right soundtrack is in order! And for that reason, we prepared for you on MetalGate e-shop a special event "Metal Industry for the Masses" that will take place tomorrow, i.e. FRIDAY, MAY 5.

Dear friends, as the Walpurgis Night is upon us, it is only apt to delve into the history of one of the most profound black metal acts, the ROTTING CHRIST of Hellas, vis-á-vis their official biography Non Serviam: The Story Of Rotting Christ, the Czech translation of which is released today in two editions!

Friends and comrades in toxicology, the most ambitious album to date - "Toxin" - of the Czech cyber metal orchestra MINORITY SOUND is out in digipack format! Order now on MetalGate e-shop either as standalone or as part of the "Quadrilogy" bundle with the entire MINORITY SOUND discography

Dear friends, the Czech translation of the book Non Serviam: The Official Story Of Rotting Christ is proceeding rapidly to its release, whereby our coverage pertaining to this title is entering its final leg.