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Dear friends, with the arrival of Autumn, it is time again to dive into the remaining part of our release plan for 2022. Before that happens however, it would not be amiss to look back and sum up what we have released thus far this year.

Dear friends, the latest full-length "Kontinuum" by the Czech alternative post-rock ambience makers Tengri was unleashed last week, which brings us to the latest installment of our "talks" series, which is all about this album and its authors. Enjoy!

Dear friends, the annual Czech Břitva Awards for 2021 were held last Sunday, and you can find our footprint in the charts of four categories no less.

Dear friends, today is set against an alternative post-rock backdrop, since it is the official release day of "Kontinuum", the third full-length by the Czech ambience makers Tengri in a delightful vinyl incarnation no less! Order now on MetalGate e-shop!

Dear friends, the third installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming new full-length "Kontinuum" by the Czech post-rock ambience makers Tengri is here, and since the album release is happening early next month already, now is the proper moment to sample the new material.

Dear friends, for one more time we are revisiting the recently published bible of all gourmets and hedonists, that is, to the Extraordinary Cookbook of Tom Necrocock & Houbová Marie. For back when we took the finished opus to its authors, so that it gets its rightful place in their culinary library in the Necrocockvila, both Tom and Marie also embelished several other copies with their respective autographs.