Dear friends, we have reached the fifth installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming literary adaptation of the saga of the mythical nation of Kärgeräs, penned by the Grandiose Magus Jiří "BigBoss" Valter, as well as of the related reissue of both albums of BigBoss's project Equirhodont. In it, we are again focusing on the musical side of things.

In other words, we shall recall the second full-length "Black Crystal" that followed a year later from the debut, bringing forth the sequel of the tale of the creator of the Kärgeräs nation, the Magus Equirhodont. To that end, we turn once again to a music sample, this time to the fifth song "Lar (the Counsellor)", which we offer you as a lyrics video, same as last time.

So, enjoy and more next time!

Video by Woll Design