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Dear friends, and you who revel in the extreme metal depravity in particular, today marks the official release of the second installment of the book series Dělníci kovu by the Czech writer and music journalist Václav Votruba, this time with the life story of Vlakin, the icon of Czech grindcore and the man behind the legendary Ingrowing!

Dear friends, the third installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming second installment of the Dělníci kovu book series, this time with the life story of Vlakin, the icon of Czech grindcore, penned by Václav Votruba is here. Today, we are diving even deeper into the content with an excerpt

Dear friends, welcome to the second announcement of our coverage regarding the upcoming second installment of the Dělníci kovu book series, this time with the life story of Vlakin, the icon of Czech grindcore, penned by Václav Votruba. Today we bring you the visual side of the book, as well as more details about its content.

Dear friends, we are opening the second part of our release plan for this year, and once again on the literature front. Next month already, we will publish the second volume of Dělníci kovu, the biographical series that presents the key personas of the Czech metal scene, by the writer and music journalist Václav Votruba. And who is the protagonist this time? Vlakin!

Dear friends, today we have a truly extraordinary announcement to make: MetalGate is 15 years old! So, we are celebrating, but it is you who will get gifts, as our thanks for your continued support. So, what gives?

Dear friends, if you follow the coverage regarding the titles we release on a regular basis, you are surely no strangers to the "Talks" series, in which the piece in question is considered from the point of view of its author(s). This time, we had the pleasure of debating with David E. Gehlke, the American music journalist and writer, author of the official biography of the British gothic/doom metal legend Paradise Lost, the Czech translation of which we published exactly three months ago.