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Dear friends, for one more time we are revisiting the recently published bible of all gourmets and hedonists, that is, to the Extraordinary Cookbook of Tom Necrocock & Houbová Marie. For back when we took the finished opus to its authors, so that it gets its rightful place in their culinary library in the Necrocockvila, both Tom and Marie also embelished several other copies with their respective autographs.

Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming new full-length "Kontinuum" by the Czech post-rock ambience makers Tengri. Today, we are delving into the visual side of the release.

Dear friends, the surreal mythical saga Kärgeräs by the Grandiose Magus Jiří "BigBoss" Valter is back! This time, in a literary incarnation entitled "Kärgeräs: Ztracený národ". Alongside the book comes also a CD re-issue of both albums of the BigBoss's project Equirhodont. All that in a single collection! Order now on MetalGate e-shop!

Dear friends, after a couple literary-musical fusions, we are concluding the first half of our release plan for this year on a purely musical note, heading to the realm of alternative post-rock. Please welcome "Kontinuum", the new full-length by the Czech ambience makers Tengri!

Dear friends, our "talks" series, wherein we consider one title from our production or another from the standpoint of its author or authors, is back! Today, we are logically heading for a chat with Maestro Necrocock to debate nothing else but the recently published necroculinary opus "Necro Cook: Podivuhodná kuchařka Toma Necrococka & Houbové Marie". Enjoy! 

Dear friends, we have reached the fifth installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming literary adaptation of the saga of the mythical nation of Kärgeräs, penned by the Grandiose Magus Jiří "BigBoss" Valter, as well as of the related reissue of both albums of BigBoss's project Equirhodont. In it, we are again focusing on the musical side of things.