Dear friends, the Black Metal chronicle gets richer still, for as today, the Czech edition of the fourth, and thus far latest, volume of the Black Metal saga, penned by the English writer and journalist Dayal Patterson, is published!

The final volume of the Black Metal book series by Dayal Patterson, entitled Into the Abyss, arrives to Czech readership

He wanted to satisfy his curiosity and get a comprehensive picture about a phenomenon that fascinated him since his youth. Thus the book Black Metal: The Evolution of the Cult came to be, absorbing Dayal Patterson so much so that he came up with three more volumes. The fourth, and so far final, in entitled Into the Abyss and is now published in Czech translation by MetalGate.  

“Content-wise, it is a sequel to the third volume The Cult Never Dies, hence it revolves again mainly around the Norwegian and Polish scenes, as well as around depressive black metal. It is interesting to note that Dayal included also a couple of exceptions, those being Mystifier of Brazil and Loits of Estonia. And in the depressive black metal part, you can find the Czech project Trist,” observes Ondřej Šmejkal from MetalGate.  

This time, the author construed the volume as a book of interviews. So, who is to be found within Into the Abyss beside the aforementioned ones? For example Helheim, Urgehal, 1349, Vemod, Black Altar, Forgotten Woods, Nocturnal Depression or Blaze of Perdition. In total there are 21 interviews awaiting the reader on 337 pages, again with many photographs included as well.

“’Does the world need more books about black metal?’ is a question occasionally asked of me (often by writers who happily praise fifth or sixth generation Darkthrone/Burzum /Mayhem clones): Well, the answer for me is the same as to the question ‘Do we need more black metal releases?’ Yes – but only if the quality is high and the works are created with dedication and passion. I hope you will agree that this tome fulfils that criteria,” writes Dayal Patterson in the foreword.

Well, the Czech readership can now make that assessment. Or dive into the whole series, since the Czech editions of all three previous volumes, also published by MetalGate, are now back in stock. And with a unified visual look, they make a fine addition indeed to any metal librarium.

Translation by Michal Smolka, layout and typesetting by Radek Doleží, cover by Ondřej Šmejkal

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