MetalGate Records News

Dear friends, in our recent announcement regarding the first batch of titles by MetalGate Records now being available also in digital form, we mentioned that we shall look at these in greater detail. Today, we shall thus begin with that, starting with the first item on the list, "Toxin" by MINORITY SOUND!

Dear friends, here comes the second installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming debut full-length "Dethroned" of the Czech symphonic blackened death metal act DUSTBORN, which customarily covers the creation of the piece. Join us then in visiting the Czech Sonidos Studio and check out the recording sessions.

Dear friends, it took some time, but even we have finally entered the digital age! That means that titles released by MetalGate Records can now be purchased in electronic form as well, should you prefer this format.

Dear friends, as the holiday season draws to a close, it is time to get the wheels of our label rolling again and complete our release plan for this year. The first in line is the debut full-length of the Czech symphonic blackened death metal pack DUSTBORN. The album will be entitled "Dethroned" and is set for release at the end of September!

Dear friends, if you remain loyal to classic music stores and enjoy rummaging through shelves of CDs and vinyls wondering what interesting title will come across your hands next, and if you happen to visit Prague at some point, be sure to check out Musicland, which now offers a selection of our titles as our new distribution partner!

Dear friends, yesterday Ceny Břitva announced award recipients for 2018, and we will not lie that the results brought us more than a pleasant surprise: