Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming Czech edition of the third volume of the Black Metal saga by Dayal Patterson "Cult Never Dies". Today we are delving into the visual side of the book, as well as into its content in more detail.

First and foremost, here is the cover of the Czech edition! As in case of the "Evolution of the Cult" and "Prelude to the Cult", it comes from the depths of our own graphics department and its execution logically follows suit given the serial nature of both predecessors.

Content-wise, “Cult Never Dies” offers the following 19 chapters divided into three parts with the overall size of 240 pages:

Part one: Norway revisited / Satyricon and the Moonfog story / Manes / Kampfar / Solefald / Wardruna - branches of magick, black metal roots / Theodor Kittelsen and the black metal aesthetics

Part two: Polish black metal / Xantotol / Mastiphal / Arkona / Evilfeast / Mgła a Kriegsmachine

Part three: Depressive black metal / Strid / Bethlehem / Silencer / Forgotten Tomb / Total Negation

Finally, a note about the title. When looking upon the cover, you may ask why does the whole subtitle reads "Cult Never Dies - Volume One" when in reality this is the third book of the saga as such? To answer that, we must revisit our Talks with Dayal that took place after we published the Czech editions of the first two volumes (and which you can listen to on the MetalGate YouTube channel). For it was there that Dayal mentioned that "Cult Never Dies" is to become a series within a series in the future to "slowly build up a complete picture of the black metal movement and its various faces, offshoots and mutations." It is thus not a mistake, but the author’s intent of "Cult Never Dies" returning in future incarnations with different serial number.

So, enjoy and more next time!