Dear friends, the conclusion of our release plan for this year has arrived and it is squarely devoted, figuratively speaking, to all matters infernal. For already mid-this month, we shall unleash the Czech translation of the third volume of the black metal saga by the British writer and music journalist Dayal Patterson, this time entitled “Cult Never Dies”!

And since there are some three weeks left till the publication, we shall not delay and go forth with our usual coverage that brings a closer look at the title in question. To begin with, let us reiterate what gives, just in case you came across this book series only briefly or not at all. So, once upon a time in England:

Young Dayal Patterson became fascinated with black metal as one of the cornerstones of the wider extreme metal edifice. His fascination only deepened later on as Dayal became a respected journalist writing for such acclaimed magazines as Terrorizer, Metal Hammer, Decibel or Zero Tolerance. So, to finally satisfy his curiosity and to get a comprehensive picture of this musical phenomenon, Dayal penned his first book, a truly monumental tome entitled “Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult” that was published in 2013. However, there are too many facets of black metal for one book, no matter how extensive, to capture, which is why three more sequels followed and more still may yet come in the future.

So, enjoy and more next time!

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