Dear friends, welcome to the third installment of our coverage regarding the Czech translation of the book "No Celebration", that is, the official biography of the British gothic/doom metal legend Paradise Lost, by the American writer David E. Gehlke. Today we are delving into the visual side of the book, as well as into its content in more detail.

First and foremost, here is the cover of the Czech edition, which is also the cover of the original English edition and is by the American illustrator and visual artist Michael Wohlberg.

Second, content-wise, "No Celebration: The Official Story of Paradise Lost" offers the following 18 chapters with the overall scope of 340 pages:

Foreword by Karl Willetts / Introductions: (Shadow) Kings of the North / Prelude to Misery: Halifax and Demo Period / Unleashed Upon Man: Lost Paradise / Musical Weeping: Gothic / Take What You Gain: Shades of God / Feeling the Pressure High : Icon / Reverse the Frown: Draconian Times / Hair-Banging: One Second / Owt for Nowt: Host / Little Lost Sheep: Believe in Nothing / The Shells of Men: Symbol of Life / The Madness is Over: Paradise Lost / Making Everything Darker Again: In Requiem / Music to Be Murdered By: Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us / Foul Magnificence: Vallenfyre / Ground Below: Tragic Idol / Earth Broken Beneath: The Plague Within / Like an Old Jacket: Medusa / Devout Excuse: Obsidian

So enjoy and more next time!