Dear friends, herein comes the second installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming Czech translation of the book "No Celebration", that is, the official biography of the British gothic/doom metal legend Paradise Lost, by the American writer David E. Gehlke. And it is he that today will be all about.

And it is because we did not yet have the pleasure, since "No Celebration" is his first book to reach the Czech metal readership. So:

David E. Gehlke began writing about heavy metal in 2002, initially in the Throat Culture, Snaggletooth and Metal Maniacs magazines. Since 2007, he served as the editor of one of the first North American hard rock and heavy metal e-zines, Blisterring, until its dissolution in 2013. Later that year, he founded his own e-zine Dead Rhetoric, and three years latter also started contributing to the prestigious Blabbermouth.

David Gehlke entered the world of literature in 2017, when he penned his first book "Damn the Machine", which is the history of the acclaimed German metal label Noise Records. In 2019, he added the official Paradise Lost biography. His latest book "Turned Inside Out" got published in 2021 and in it, David chronicled the oficial history of the American death metal icon Obituary.

David currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with his wife Ashley, daughter Gemma and two dogs, Goji and Mochi.

So, enjoy and more next time!