Dear friends, we hope you are geared up for a hefty load of thrash-death metal butchery, since today marks the official release of the new full-length "Messtery" by the Czech outfit ANTIGOD in digipack format! Order now on MetalGate e-shop!

Not going soft. Antigod kick ass with their new album Messtery!

No more waiting. After five long years, the Czech outfit Antigod brings forth a brand-new offering. Entitled Messtery, the band considers it a beginning of a new era. The fans however need not worry, it is still the same old merciless metal mayhem! Definitely a treat for all fans of death and thrash metal.

Antigod is manned by seasoned veterans, previously involved with bands such as Dead Carnage or Disfigured Corpse. Their debut came in 2013 with the highly praised album "The Masquerade", followed by two other full-lengths "Wareligion" and "W.R.A.T.H." (both released by MetalGate). These featured Chymus (Isacaarum, Petroleum) as the vocalist, who then left ANTIGOD in 2021, which led to the formation of the current line-up. That said, Chymus has remained involved, as he wrote all the lyrics for the new album, as well as took care of its artwork.

It was Martin Turek from Sinfull Crowd who became the new vocalist. “I have known Marťas for some years now, and when Chymus left, he was the first I thought about approaching. So, I did,” says the guitarist Pedy. “I knew he is a great guy and that he would fit in the band nicely on a personal level. Plus, he has years of experience on stage. At first, he declined, but later thought about it further and decided to give it a try. That it was an excellent choice, we found out very soon not only in the studio, but also live!”

The album took shape in the Southock Recording Studio, which the guys from Antigod has nothing but praise for. “Personally, I have recorded about five or six albums, as well as some singles with Prcek from Ador Dorath, and this guy is simply a master class not only professionally, but also personally. Work with him is always a treat, with lots of fun (laughs). This is also the reason behind the partnership of Antigod and Ador Dorath when it comes to gigs, which also in my opinion works great,” says Pedy.

You can in fact hear the qualities of “Messtery” yourself, as we are stream the album in full on our YouTube channel as usual:

And since we are on the subject, we must also mention the album release party that is to take place already this Saturday, February 4, in the Barrák music club in Ostrava! Drop by, if you have the chance.

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