Dear friends, gear up for another score, this time from the musical front of our release plan for this year, which is coming to you by the end of October. For the Czech black metal triumvirate NĀV returns with their third full-length opus!

Entitled “Trpte” (Suffer!), the album brings forth ten pitch black compositions, which, like its predecessors “Smrtci” and “Arcizlo”, exhibit raw sound and atmosphere of utter ruin and fury, and will be made in all formats, that is, on CD, on vinyl in two color versions, on cassette and digitally.

Furthermore, “Trpte” again takes form as a joint venture between MetalGate and Naše desky.

In the weeks ahead, there is more to learn about the album in our usual coverage, so stay tuned.

Enjoy and more next time!

Video by Woll Design