Dear friends, the official release of the new opus “Trpte” by the Czech black metal triumvirate NĀV is coming up next week already, which spells our coverage soon coming to its close. However, before that happens, we offer you a second taste of the new material!

This time, it is the second song, entitled “Vukojebina”, which the band decided to elevate into their new music video, made by the TripleBackslash studio.

In this case, the lyrical angle works with the dynamics of man face to face with wilderness, as somewhat curiously referenced by the song title itself, which is a Balkan vulgarism for the middle of nowhere.

Music-wise, “Vukojebina” enhances, perhaps surprisingly, the established songwriting approach of Náv with female vocals, whereby introducing the first of the guests that are to be found on “Trpte”, namely Veronika Zemanová, the vocalist of Kalle and Nod Nod. Among the other are Václav Slavík from Five Seconds To Leave, or friends of NĀV from bands such as Noise Cowboys, Bad Earth and Serious Music. And while on the subject, it is apt to note that one of other songs features the vocals of Herm, the drummer of NĀV, as well as of his offspring.

So, enjoy and more next time!