Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming new opus “Trpte” by the Czech black metal triumvirate NĀV. Today, we are diving into the visual side of the new album.

First and foremost, we thus present to you the frontcover of “Trpte”, which, compared to both previous full-lengths, opted for visual realism and minimalist approach. Its centerpiece is a sculpture, crafted for the band by Anna Krninská. The overall layout and design is then the work of Ivan, the guitarist and vocalist of NĀV.

Said sculpture is of course not the only visual element to be found on “Trpte”. The other one is a human skull, and it is apt to observe that the interaction of the two within the album booklet is slightly different in each format of the album. Another matter entirely is the booklet of the color vinyl version of “Trpte”, the graphic design of which is significantly different from the rest.

Moving on, beside the visual, we also bring you, as usual, the album tracklist. Last time we mentioned that there is a total of ten compositions on the album, and their names are thus:

Crux / Vukojebina / Ex Materia / Vanitas / Ozymandias / Jamais Vu / Promaja / Epimetheus / Usurpator / Vesmir

So, enjoy and more next time!