Dear friends, the first article of our release plan for this year has come! We are kicking off on the musical front, wherein we shall together usher in a new chapter of the Czech thrash-death metal warmachine ANTIGOD. New line-up, new energy, but most importantly a new album "Messtery" with 13 slits of honest mayhem that shall not disappoint all fans of the genre.

Out January 30 in CD digipack format.

In case you are not yet acquainted, ANTIGOD is manned by seasoned veterans previously involved with bands such as Dead Carnage or Disfigured Corpse. Their debut came in 2013 with the highly praised album "The Masquerade", followed by two other full-lengths "Wareligion" and "W.R.A.T.H." (both released by MetalGate). These featured Chymus (Isacaarum, Petroleum) as the vocalist, who then left ANTIGOD in 2021, which led to the formation of the current line-up. That said, Chymus has remained involved, as he wrote all the lyrics for the new album, as well as took care of its artwork.

Hence conclude the opening announcement of our coverage regarding this title, with more information coming, as usual, in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned then to our info channels!


Video by Woll Design