Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming new full-length "Messtery" by the Czech thrash-death metal outfit ANTIGOD. Today, we are diving primarily into the art of the matter!

So, first and foremost, here is the main artwork of the "Messtery" frontcover, which, contrary to the previous albums, was authored this time by Maestro Chymus (Isacaarum, Pačess, Petroleum). You like?

Next, as usual, we bring you the album tracklist, consisting, as we prefaced last time, of the following 13 blasts:

Plaguearth / Fractured and Torn / Existence Cancelled / Chaoswomb / Hoax Dominion / Insidious / Truth Disjointed / Resignation / Combat Singularity / Hedonic Era / Misology / Hidden Enmity / When the Peace Forges a War

And herein lies another mark of Chymus, as he also penned all the "Messtery" lyrics.

Finally, for more information, check out the current press release here.

So, enjoy and more next time!