Out of Infancy - Five Years of MetalGate Records

Total time: 102:37 * Style: compilation * MetalGate 2013


CD 1

... (Abstract Essence) / I (Abstract Essence) / Time to Let Go (F.O.B.) / Behind the Smile (Genuine Relief) / Desire for Benevolence (S.W.Y.F.) / Entrenched (Tortharry) / Wipeout the Virus (Minority Sound) / Platonic Blue (Liveevil) / Lunapark (Dymytry) / Otcova puška s uřezanou hlavní (Kryptor) / Dead End (Dementor) / Barren Land (Genuine Relief) / On the Other Side (Secret of Darkness)

CD 2

Pripjať - město mladých (Kryptor) / The Camp (Tortharry) / Dimension Change (S.W.Y.F.) / Silence (Dementor) / Feeding on Your Fear (F.O.B.) / Self-Insurrection (Secret of Darkness) / Spirit and Water (Liveevil) / Strážná věž (Dymytry) / Never Enough [v 2.01] (Minority Sound) / Love Enough (Abstract Essence)

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Return To Innocence

The Ring of Moon

Total time: 40:27 * Style: symphonic metal * MetalGate 2013


Streams II / The Resigned World / Tristan's Dream / Blood-related / Wasted Heart / (R)evolution / The Picture Of Immortality / Dark Dimension / The Ring of Moon

"A solid release from a long serving band who have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and the talent and skill to realise it."

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Area Core

The End Is Near

Total time: 47:33 * Style: crossover-post hardcore * MetalGate 2013


Intro / An Ellipse / The End Is Near / Obsession - Erassed / Devil's Depressed / Taken Away From You / Die My Way / Rage Inside / The Hack / Falling So Fast / This Silence - bonus track

"The End Is Near is probably not the most original nor innovative album out there, but still very listenable and highly recommended for fans of A Day To Remember, Killswitch Engage, Asking Alexandria etc.", 64/100

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Reap what you sow

Total time: 35:06 * Style: death-metalcore * MetalGate 2013


The Retribution / Missed Violence / Phenomenon Causing Suicide / Time to Let Go / Robe of Imbalance / The Roots of Discoveries / One More Step Left / Of a Martyr / Charm Ice Fury / The Views of the World Collide

"They have managed to incorporate all the different influences in a smart way making this an album that I’m glad I got to hear."

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