Pass Into Oblivion

Total time: 16:56 * Style: symphonic pagan-doom * MetalGate 2014


Creeping Frost / In Light of a Lantern / Aeonian / Witnesses from Shadows

"All in all, I like the album very much, though it would deserve a better sound and more sophisticated orchestral arrangements. I am very curious reagrding a full LP and I hope we will see it soon. Petr Staněk's return to the roots is A+ "
Metal Forever, 7.5/10

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The Amazing Ascendancy versus Count Illuminatus

Total time: 50:58 * Style: progressive power metal * MetalGate 2014


Zeroes and ones / A man without identity / My escape / Why? / Catastrophic event / Count Illuminatus / Secret society / Subterranean utopia / The Amazing Ascendancy / Confrontation / The dark side of philosophy / Battle plan / The world doesn't want to be saved

"Overall, super nerdy, but also super cool, making for a great listening experience.", 4/5

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Six Degrees Of Separation

The Hike & Other Laments

Total time: 48:37 * Style: metal-soul * MetalGate 2013


Calm Between The Storms / Doom Live / The Hike / Involved / The Hike II / The Grief / Dark Side Of Conscience / For Jana / Thin Patience / Watchdogs

"Song lyrics cover everyday themes, while the production has a very strong, powerful, heavy and professional sound where you can hear all of the musical instruments that are present on this recording."
Underground Musick Zine, 8/10

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Total time: 32:35 * Style: death metal * MetalGate 2013


100% Follower / Unheard / Inner Decay / Silenced Commands / Sacrifice of Sanity / Mislead / Repeating Mistakes / Voluntarily Blind / Epilogue

"TORTHARRY managed with "Follow" to create a strong, going forwards album which whets your appetite!!!!", 8.7/10

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