Total time: 45:31 * Style: melodic death/thrash metal * MetalGate 2018


Proem / Shape the Nihilism / Black Forest / Tell Me / Asylum / Presence / Amnesia / Impure / When the Empire Falls / Deceased

"In the massive river of Metal the Pilsen maniacs caught me with this record. Also you direct your faces on the north and you will see that you will like the storm called “Amnesia”! Very good melodic death metal with extra freezing added value!"
Deadly Storm Zine

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Dreadful Reflection

Total time: 35:42 * Style: hybrid metal * MetalGate 2018


Blinded by Rays of Light / All is One / From Pain to Strength / I Am / Towards Glass Horizon / Burn the Flame / Eaten by Passion / Lost & Cursed / Tesseract / Wildheart

"The "Dreadful Reflection" album by AWRIZIS is and is not a one go thing. I think you will grow to like this album and will keep revisiting it in search for more and more previously "unheard" moments.
Fobia zine

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Total time: 31:35 * Style: post-black/shoegaze * MetalGate 2018


Foreword / Chapter One / Intermezzo Before Second Chapter / Chapter Two / Intermezzo Before Third Chapter / Chapter Three / Intermezzo Before Fourth Chapter / Chapter Four

"Uv'Derekh is that kind of a debut that is rarely born. In our lands almost singular in its style of black/shoegaze/HC. The poetics are mixed with blast beats and black beehive. All is well thought through, played and screamed. What more to wish for?"
Echoes Zine


Sinister Species

Total time: 36:17 * Style: death metal * MetalGate 2018


Intro / Odd Man Out / False Superiority / Crossroads / Without a Break / By Devil's Side / Self-Sale / Perpetual Delay / Deceitful Sermons / Sinister Species

"The band works like a kick-ass machine and individual songs are full of catchy motifs and flawless musical performances. This is exactly how I imagine a death metal motherload soaked with good old school."
RockHard SK

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