Best Of Fuck Off!!!

Total time: 76:42 *Style: thrash-metal * MetalGate 2012


Marquis de Sade / Rychlost vítězí / Justiční omyl / Klášterní tajemství / Pripjať - město mladých / Greedpeace / Vlčí vdova / Maniak (Fucker) / To se nemělo stát / Noc / Smrt je samozřejmost / Vraždící řetězy / Otcova puška s uřezanou hlavní / Hooligans / Lepra / Proroctví Satanovo / Osudové pouto / Samuel / Charon

"While listening to "Best Of Fuck Off!!!", I recalled all the KRYPTOR shows that me and my friends visited and how we waited for Pípa's oneliners and improvised replacements of forgotten lyrics :-) KRYPTOR live was always a hell of a ride and fun. I wish all the best to the current line-up and should they decided to release a new album instead of another best of, I would not be angry at all. ", 80%

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Abstract Essence

Love Enough

Total time: 54:38 * Style: experimental metal * MetalGate 2012

Overture / Rock 'n' Roll Soul / The Good Old Days of Seduction / Limitless Future / Red One / Divine Whore / Stalker / Act of Violence / This Is a Good Day for a Funeral Blowjob / Solar Barge / Love Enough

"Abstract Essence's performance here hints at a very confident collective with world-class abilities--if this young cult band should ever choose to branch out from the Czech metal scene, they have all the necessary talent to represent themselves well on the international platform."
Metal Revolution, 84/100

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Minority Sound

The Explorer

Total time: 35:52 * Style: cyber metal * MetalGate 2012


hostile in your skull / load of destruction / the explorer / zealots / binary child / wipe out the virus / fear / the end of all

"Minority Sound could well become a major player.", 7/10

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Total time: 49:37 * Style: psy-core * MetalGate 2012


Lunapark / Média / Síť pro sociály / Skoč / Rédijo / Neonarcis / Stáváš se potravou / Pod nuselákem / Jsem nadšenej / Dymytry / Ocelová parta / Harpyje / Hanglická

"DYMYTRY certainly did not fail with their new album. The guys managed to build upon the previous one "Neser", wherein we could get a taste of "Neonarcis" in the song "Protekční synek". I hope their next piece will be at least as good as these two. And my final words? No matter what mood your are in, be sure that in "Neonarcis" you will find what you need.", 7/10

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