Total time: 42:22 * Style: psy-core * MetalGate 2010


Squadra Razora / Dejte mi pít / D.O.S.T. / Kdo ví co přijde / Neser! / Smysl už nehledám / Kazatel / Benzín / Hamerika / Strážná věž / Protekční synek

"With this album, DYMYTRY asked very skilfully and distinctly for their place on the domestic scene, and if they are what they appear to be according to the 24 minutes of this release, then I think they are rightfully entitled to it."
Metalopolis.net, 7/10

Sold out

Abstract Essence


Total time: 41:26 * Style: experimental metal * MetalGate 2009


... / I / Question vs. Resolution / Commercial Shit / Assisted Suicide / Just between Us / Dead Tired / Domina / Clown's Little Trip / Fallen Aristocracy

"This is a no-brainer; the album appeals in a matersful and balanced way. I can attest to that. Do you like experiments? Then what are you waiting for, take your hard earned cash and go to the nearest music store to get the Manifest."
HardMusicBase.cz, 8/10

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