Minority Sound

Drowner's Dance

Total time: 40:00 * Style: cyber metal * MetalGate 2015


Whip Him Good / Last Day on Earth / 1000 Years / Epidemic of Hystery / Freezing Oceans / Generation Z / Hate Calculation / Drowner's Dance / First Day on Earth / Come Hell

"Minority Sound arrive with the third LP with which they go to revive their electro metal that draws skillfully all the nuances that the band dedicated to the genre in recent years"
iyezine.com, 7.8/10

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...and the foes have become our masters

Total time: 38:40 * Style: death-metalcore * MetalGate 2015


The Adult Toys / Where the Spirits of the Dead Wander in the Living World / Infinite Cloud/ The Hallway to Nowhere / Debts of Imperfection / Sons of Oblivion / My Failures Your Pleasures / Point of View / In the Name of Good We Spread Evil / The Grand Collapse

"The guys from Tábor are serving on a platter a hefty portion of deathcore blast, which does not distinguish itself from other deathcore blasts ... which may not be a win, but it is also not a fail!"
Echoes Zine, 50%

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Rebel Against Me

Total time: 40:25 * Style: folkmetal-HC * MetalGate 2015


Revolt Without a Name / Shiva World Dance Party / Stuff That Matters / Earth Café / Rebel Against Me / Wolves at the Gates / Life-Worshipping Bastards / Satyros / Karma to Burn / The Astralnaut / Ziemie Niczyje

"Those who are not tied down to a particular metal genre, will find here a lot of fresh air much to their joy."
Metal.de, 8/10

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Secret of Darkness

Neotericus Universum

Total time: 37:31 * Style: melodic blackened death metal * MetalGate 2014


Awakening / Unearthing the Sun / Blinded / Lapse of Reason / Warfare Doctrine / Burned Hopes / The Crown / Remains of Memories / New Apocalypse / 2210 Days

"The whole piece may not stay in my head, but I will surely remember for a long time the guitar melodies that are signature mark of the band."
Fobia Zine, 7/10

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