Genuine Relief

Behind The Smile

Total time: 34:50 * Style: death-black * MetalGate 2012


Introduction / Dismay of Transience / Imagine / Spasm / Final Delivery / Barren Land / Conformed / Insane / Worthless / Behind the Smile

"When I look at the pluses and minus, I must say that "Behind The Smile" is an inconsistent and to some extent even controversial album. It gives me all sorts of feelings and impressions, most of which cannot be put to words. However, even though I was critical of the album, I find the philosophy of the band very agreeable. In any case GENUINE RELIEF made a good start and it will not be in vain to keep an eye on them further..."
R.U.M. zine

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Lead - Not Follow

Total time: 39:43 * Style: folk metal * Black Bards/MetalGate 2011


Dubh / Rage starts here / Nezlomní / Living with Pride / Blejanje na mjesec / Signal Fires / Cruadalach / Morrigan / For my Bleeding Friends / Hear our Voices! / The Promise

"If you need a good folk metal fix I highly recommend Lead-Not Follow. Between the excellent musicianship, catchy and mainly cheerful folk melodies there’s a lot to enjoy about this release. For a minor label band the production sounds great and well recorded. If you dig bands like Avven, TÝR, Eluveitie, or Suidakra this should be right up your alley. Come for the folky tunes, stay for the crushing metal."
A Metal State of Mind Zine

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Secret of Darkness


Total time: 36:45 * Style: melodic blackened death metal * MetalGate 2011


The World (Origin) / The Sovereign / Smell Of Lies / Destroyed Illusions / Voices Of "Truth" / On The Other Side / No Night, No Day / Desolated Dreams / Self Insurrection / Katharsis - bonus track

"“(In)Humanity is not shattering conventions, nor is it terribly impressive, but it’s a very well-rounded release that will most definitely please anyone who enjoys quality melodic death metal.", 70/100

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Suffocate With Your Fame

The New World Order

Total time: 35:22 * Style: deathcore * MetalGate 2011


Inception / I'm Proud Demon Destroyer / Throne Of The False King / Silence / Question (Intro) / Martyrs Of Demise / Desire For Benevolence / Parasites / Blood Money

"In conclusion I can only say that Suffocate With Your Fame produced with honors an above average debut. I am sure that the next album will be even better. If the guys give more attention to vocals, we will have a lot to look forward to, and maybe the new world order will become reality. "

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