Six Degrees Of Separation


Total time: 50:53 * Style: metal-soul * MetalGate 2016


Self-aware and Stubborn / Eager / Fury / Compassion / Tragedian / Regret / Resigned / Identity Crisis / Escapist / Pathetic

"On "Simple", SDOS continue the path they set upon years ago; compared to the last album, they simplified their production a bit, slowed down a little, but are still able to compose strong songs that can get you during the first run-through (the faster ones) as well as the tenth one (all of them)."
Fobia Zine




Total time: 36:58 * Style: cyber metal * MetalGate 2016


Ended Run / Amper / Devilation / Vibes / Midnight Bay / Encounter / Hypercharger / Tomorrow's Call / We Stand Alone

"Black Tracks is interesting as an album as it shuns the immortality promised by retelling classics ambiguously and instead tells its own contemporary story."
SoundscapeMagazine, 8/10



Total time: 34:11 * Style: thrash-death metal * MetalGate 2015


Enter The Warzone (intro) / And No God Will ... / Chlorine Under Sky / Victimized / Leadstorm / Blood Turns Black / Just Shut Up and Believe / God Knows Him / Flesh in the Air / Really Dead / Apathy / Crescent vs. Cross / Mum, Do Not Cry

"It is an honest old-school, made by people who have it in their blood and can do it."
Pařát Magazine

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Postcards from Arkham


Hrací čas: 34:38 * Styl: post-rock * MetalGate 2015

Seznam skladeb

Imagination Filled Balloon / Aeon Echoes / Thousand Years For Us / Overthrown / Elevate / Le Pays des Merveilles / Woods of Liberation / One World Is Not Enough

"Postcards From Arkhan have created something to be proud of with ÆØN5 – there’s no question that this is a band that is going places because there’s a lot of potential to be found in this piece."
Soundscape Magazine, 8/10

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