Six Degrees Of Separation

Old Dogs

Total time: 50:55 * Style: metal * MetalGate 2020


Lunacy Mantra / Standing on the Shoulders of / Blind Date with the Past / Best for Me / Common Aim Ltd / In between / Thoughtfull Sheep (Coming of age) / Moral Sportsmanship / Tied by Shame / For the little girl / Last Days of Sisyphus / Thin Line

This is a breath of fresh air stylistically. SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION can confidently say that they don’t sound too similar to other contemporaries, and they take bigger risks than a lot of metal bands (like the ‘why don’t you just lie down’ part in “Last Days of Sisyphus where all the other instruments cut out). This is a good album for someone burnt out on the standard tropes of modern metal bands, THRASH METAL, or any of the other places SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION draw inspiration from.
Metal Temple

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Arch Of Hell


Total time: 41:37 * Style: melodic metal * MetalGate 2020


Chariots of the Gods / Arrival / Nile / Sachmet / Curse of Reincarnation / 19.07.13 / Stardust / Follow the Sphinx / Ambrosia / Ungrateful / Vanishing Out of the Earth

Balance. The album is all about balance for me... There is a synergy present here and each member of the band contributes equally. They are also all very talented musicians, honing their songwriting into a near-masterpiece of an album. Grandiose, yet subtle arrangements, with crystal clear production, is what you can expect. Any fans of Melodic Death/Symphonic Metal will surely like this.
Metal Temple

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Towards the Great White Nothing

Total time: 30:02 * Style: black-doom metal * MetalGate 2020


Crystalline Key / Thargelia / Of Gnosis and Agony / Between Terror and Erebus / Desert Twilight

"With “Towards the Great White Nothing” MetalGate and Voluptas have delivered a fantastic piece of sinister and fascinating music, perfect as the soundtrack for the upcoming dark and cold days of winter, which might be especially grim in 2020/2021 due to the shitty situation we are in right now all over the world."
Encyclopaedia Metallum 

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Václav Votruba

Dělníci kovu I: Necrocock

No. of pages: 168 * paperback * MetalGate 2020


Prolog / I - Metalové námluvy / II - Master's Hammer / III - Praktiky pohřebních ústavů / IV - Jilemnický okultista / V - Kaviar Kavalier / VI - +Klinik+ / VII - Studio Y / VIII - Konvalium / IX - Expedice do pohřebních ústavů / X - Hudba pro letadla a spící autobusy / XI - Bukkake, Asiatky a sexturismus... / XII - Žhavý neklid... Master's Hammer se vrací / XIII - Úprk do klidných lesů / XIV - Klid před bouří / XV. - Konve / XVI - Sexuálně-klinicko-cestovatelský konvolut / XVII - Návrat k mládí... do psychiatrických pavilonů / XVIII - Do lesa... na houby! / XIX - Master's Hammer na turné. Bez Necrococka / XX. - Necrocock detektivem / XXI - Jan Žižka z Trocnova / XXII - Konečně novinka od Kaviar Kavalier / XXIII - Necrocock nekončí / Necrocock pod palbou! / Necrografie / Epilog

"And how to view the book as a whole? Spiteful seekers of mistakes and of what should have been done differently will surely find their own. For me as a fan however, it has an incredible value and I would not change a thing."
Hard Music Base

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