Hnus Umírající

Hnus Umírající

Total time: 30:22 * Style: black-doom * MetalGate 2019


Intro / Nechtějme to rozhodnout / Život jde dál / Dogma / Masařka hodující na výkalech mého života / Maruška / Úspěch se neodpouští

"The debut of HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ is fine. The album delivered what the live shows already hinted at, and it is only good that it is finaly released."
Fobia Zine

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Total time: 21:15 * Style: grind-black * MetalGate 2018


XXX-Rapist & Goregasm / Bitchbrigade / Integrated Vulva Hacker / Mao-Sochism / Cumshot Combat / Arts Of Farts / Teenage Cunt Powerplay / Vagina Panzerfaust / Clyster Squad

"Retrorgy is an extremely funny album to be heard at the loudest volume possible, and thanks to ISACAARUM for delivering such good music to the world."

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Václav Votruba

Kniha kovu - part 3

No. of pages: 203 pages * Format: paperback * MetalGate 2018


Czech heavy metal till '89 / 1990 - 2000 / 2001 - 2011 / present / bands / timeline

"...a year later, even the heavy metallers found a gift under the X-Mas tree, which they then most likely devoured in three evenings. I base that estimate on myself, as I read through in precisely that time, even though from all the styles documented by Venca, heavy metal interests me the least."
Fobia Zine

Available in CZ only


Drom & Blues For The Redsun

Fullmoon Alchemy Narcotic Session

Total time: 35:50 * Style: post-metal / sludge-doom * MetalGate 2018


V tanci světel (Drom) / Crime Reduction (BFTRS)

"The central motif of the song is breathtaking, but the guys from Liberec are not making it easy for the listener, and alongside this "romance" the vocalist screams as a junkie on a cold turkey. Even the last quarter brings something new, the rhythms are diverse, more pronounced. DROM simply managed to keep it interesting right up to the end."
Fobia Zine

"...this 16 minutes long track is the current best of this dark outfit, which makes a kind of music, produced around here by acts as few in number as there are fingers on the hand of a 'skilled' lumberjack."
Fobia Zine

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