Drom & Tengri


Total time: 34:35 * Style: post-metal/shoegaze & atmospheric alternative post-rock * MetalGate 2020


Jsi světlo, tak neboj (Drom) / - (Drom) / Potomci vědění (Drom) / Buďme jako voda, která všechno očistí (Tengri) / Buďme jako země, která všechno vydrží (Tengri)

"[Both sides of the vinyl] make a solid whole, through which winds a dark, desperate even, line. It is not hopelessness though. Give up, let the world drown in what is bad in people? Never. From despair, anger may arise." 

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Heavy Music Artwork

Masterpieces 2018 (Czech translation)

No. of pages: 148 * paperback * A4 * fullcolor print on glossy coated paper * MetalGate 2020


I - Dílo roku (Judas Priest) / II - Mistr roku (Gustavo Sazes) / III - Nejvlivnější výtvarník roku (Travis Smith) / IV - Pocta roku (Vincent Fouquet) / V - Objev roku (Vladimir Chebakov) / VI - Boxset roku (The Ocean) / VII - 100 výtvarníků na 100 deskách od 100 kapel / VIII - Navrátilci z Masterpieces 2017

"Besides its primary purpose (of festing ones eyes) this beautiful book serves another pastimes - discovering previously unknown bands. I would lie, if I said that I knew all the band names from the book, not to mention their music; quite the contrary, many of the acts included were a blank slate for me, but thanks to the featured artwork I discovered several interesting outfits."
Fobia Zine

In CZ only


Flame of Rebellion

Total time: 33:42 * Style: death/black metal * MetalGate 2020


It's Coming (intro) / Nature Will Remain / Rebellion / Light in the Void / Prometheus / Dark Flames / Phoenix / Song for Victory

"“Flame of Rebellion” for sure is an album that should be a great find for each fan of crushing blackened death metal and chances are good that it will end up in my personal YE list."
Encyclopaedia Metallum

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Než zemřu

Total time: 40:13 * Style: metal * MetalGate 2019


Zrození / Moje dětství / Na dně / Ztráty / Dlouhá cesta vzhůru / Per aspera ad astra / Hudba je můj život / Můj život byl... / Čas odejít

"The last solo album is exactly what it should be like - an excellent summary, no conceptual bubble gum vaudeville, but a clenched, compact and strong album in all its aspects with a powerful story written by life itself."

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