Chapter nine: Ještěrka bids farewell and the hound steps in


  • Divine Providence: Thou shall be an insurance agent forever thereafter, amen!
  • Ještěrka: Farewell guys, I shall be an insurance agent!
  • The band: Holy shit, who shall replace him?
  • Pedyk: Easy, the little hound Goro!

And now for the narration.



One day, Aleš “Ještěrka” Janečka, one of the founding members of Tortharry, became an insurance agent, which bode ill for his involvement in the band. He is forced to pass on the role of the band manager, yet there is no one to take over. At first, he passes the management to Králík, who however also has little time to carry out the added duties.

In the pub, in the rehearsal pit, during shows, maybe even in their sleep the guys are wondering whom to entrust with this profound post. Then suddenly, a twisted, insane thought emerges – let’s call Goro to arms. “Dude, that Goro from the late Turbulence, whom we two years ago swindled and destroyed his band?”

Yes, that is the one. He likes metal, he is hard-working and he could help us. If we put him on a short leash and keep him from biting us, then he will be of use. The hardest thing will be to find him, since after our con, he disappeared and was last seen near Tokyo. And thus the band ventures to Japan, armed with a whistle to find the hound, which they do and later on, Goro joins the team as the new band manager.

The year is (stil) 1993.

Editorial note: Well of course, Goro never was in Japan. The last part plays on the plot of the 1980 Japanese TV series “Ôgon no inu”, known around here under the title “Goro, the white dog”, which tells a tale about a young girl named Reiko, her father and their dog Goro. One day, the father and Goro leave Tokyo to hunt a giant bear, which however kills the father. After learning that her father is dead and Goro lost, Reiko leaves Tokyo and travels across Japan to find the dog. Goro itself is also searching for Reiko.

It remains unclear whether Goro, the Tortharry manager, actually got his nickname inspired by this very TV series.