Chapter two: console instead of manure


  • Pedky: I can't listen to this, the sound is all crappy. What you need is a sound engineer, and that is what I do best!
  • Kropička: I can't look at this, not even through a window. I'll be your new lights engineer.
  • Juan, Lemy: Two musicians, two engineers. Isn't that weird?
  • Ještěrka: Nope! I am your new manager!

And now for the narration.



Hearing the band rehearse as far as on his field, one day a strapping fellow and a farmer called Pedyk shows up in the band basement; an impressive figure, looking like a crumb from a hundred kilos bread. Mudded shoes, straw here and there, a faint odor of manure; such are the qualities of this guy who appeared out of nowhere in the rehearsal room. He claims he will make the band a kick-ass sound, if they take him in as their sound engineer. What he heard from the basement leaves much to be desired in his opinion, and what it needs are some amps, mixes and other such thingies, which the Commies do not like selling to UG individuals.

“So guys, it is going just fine”, says Pedky while listening to the band rockin’. Suddenly, David, a.k.a. “Kropička”, appears outside the basement windows, marches right in and rolls out the booze. He then begins to boast how great he is when it comes to stage lighting, fixing amps and building cabinets.

“This may come in handy”, says Lemy. “We know shit about this stuff, Kropička is a brother-in-arms when it comes to drinking, and we need a lights engineer and a technician. Thus Kropička became the member of the team.

And as the enterprise grows in size and chaos inevitably ensues, the Metal God himself sends them Ještěrka (Lizard) as their manager to at least try to bring some order into it.

The year is 1988.

Editorial note: Should we attempt a translation of some of the other mentioned monickers, we can say that "Kropička" translates roughly as "Sprinkler", and "Ještěrka" means "Lizard".