Chapter six: Květák is out


  • Květák: Guys, I want to play Deep Purple, not metal.
  • Juan: Sure boss, but not with us! Bye bye dude!
  • Lemy: Do you think we will really manage to draw Dan over?
  • Juan: Sure thing bro! He is a death metalhead, not like the other suckers from Turbulence...
  • Image 3: R.I.P. Turbulence

And now for the narration.


Chapter six - KVĚTÁK IS OUT

Květák is not faring particularly well. His guitar technique gravitates more to Deep Purple and the sort, so the time is ripe to replace the old chewed up head with a new young one. How about that newbie who plays in that band Turbulence from Stárkov? Yep, that is the band, in which the second guitarist is that shortie called Goro.

During one of the joined shows of Tortharry and Turbulence, the guys ask the young newbie Dan, in all secrecy of course, to join the rising megastar of Tortharry. Ambitious Dan is intrigued so much that he succumbs to the lure, screws his friends from Turbulence and agrees to the deal. He leaves the gig happy and with a contract worthy of millions in his pocket. Some time later, still in utmost secrecy to keep the rest of Turbulence oblivious, Dan travels to Jaroměř to rehearse with Květák, wherein Květák rigorously tests his piano play with compositions from Dvořák, Mozart and other icons of the global piano metal, while Goro is on one hand still trying to figure out why the amp he bought from Tortharry is not working and on the other hand beginning to suspect that something is not right with Dan, as if he had some clandestine dealings behind his back.

And thus it was, unfortunately for Turbulence, that the young newbie Dan joined the Tortharry team.

The year is (still) 1992.