Chapter five: duped Goro


  • Lemy: Pedyk, this old piece of shit amp is all messed up. Sometimes, it doesn’t even work at all.
  • Pedyk: We could sell it to Goro from Turbulence.
  • Ještěrka: Good idea! I can hardly wait for the fun, but we must not tell him that it doesn’t work.
  • All: And while we are there, we should get Dan to join us. He is really good!

And now for the narration.



Like every Wednesday, after a game of indoor football, the Tortharry smart-asses are sitting in the Krkovička’s pub in Velká Dřevíč, plotting how to sell an old and pretty much broken down amp to a young group of wannabe musicians called Turbulence, and simultaneously how to lure the young newbie guitarist Dan away from Turbulence and into Tortharry. After the tenth round, the plan is hatched and the guys are getting the kick out of the idea of duping these metal fledglings:

“We shall offer Turbulence our useless piece of shit amp and convince them they must absolutely have it so that they mean something in the metal world and are heard all the way from Stárkov to Dřevíč. BUT, we must not tell them that it’s not working :-) And before they figure it out, we shall draw the one called Dan over to us. He is really good and has a great talent. Hopefully, the guys won’t take us doing so too hard, especially that little hound Goro, who is strumming at the guitar there. Poor bastard.

But business is business: “Onward to the great world of Death Metal!”

The year is 1992.