Chapter seven: first time in studio



  • Image one: Petrovice studio; recording today: Tortharry
  • Dan: I am recording with my new band our demo…Tough dudes, I hope I’ll fit in…
  • Dan: What the fuck have I got myself into. They snore like hell, I haven’t slept in days and Králík got so wasted that he is biting asphalt!
  • The band: Recorded! Let’s celebrate! Death metal!
  • Králík: Fdena fill kill me!

And now for the narration.



After Dan joined, the band has a full line-up for several years to come. So how about we show the world how we play our death metal? Sure thing! We shall record a groundbreaking stellar demo. Are you in, guys? Onward then to Petrovice near Karviná to record the demo “Flames Of Eternity” in the local studio.

After finding suitable lodgings, Dan is to share room with Pedyk and Králík and he is perplexed as to why the rest of the band is so amused by this arrangement. All becomes clear however after three sleepless nights, for Dan shared room with band’s greatest snoring tandem. This role was later undeniably passed to Martin, who on more than one occasion drove the guys utterly mad during their travels.

On the way back from the studio, it is celebration time all the way! Rum, beer and other booze is one hell of a combo, which however proved unfortunate for Králík, who at one point exited the vehicle head first, making a very close encounter with the asphalt road and breaking off his trademark front rabbit-like teeth. So much blood, as if from ten rabbits, was spilling everywhere and the only thing poor Králík was able to do is scream “Fdena fill kill me”, that is, pronounced with a full set of teeth, “Zdena will kill me” (Zdena being his wife). So thus it was that Králík lost his beautiful teeth.

The year is (once again) 1992.