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Since we have been on the subject of our coverage, we have for you another installment pertaining to the literary mapping of the history of Czech metal, that is, to "Kniha kovu" by Václav Votruba.

Dear friends, time to progress in our coverage pertaining the special re-edition of the entire discography of the Czech death metal icon Tortharry, entitled "25 let mezi nebem a peklem". As we mentioned last time, we will gradually introduce all the parts of this collection.

Since we were on the subject of deal signing photos, let's have another batch. This one pertains to our premier endeavor in the area of literary publishing, that is, to "Kniha kovu"! And with it, we are presenting you its author.

Dear friends, yesterday, we were visited by a delegation from Tortharry. Why? The reason is thus. This Czech death metal icon celebrates this year 25 years on the scene and for this ocassion, MetalGate Records shall release a COMPLETE RE-EDITION of the entire band discography, entitled "25 let mezi nebem a peklem"!

Dear friends, it is time for another installment pertaining to our premier endeavor of literature publishing. Last time we informed you that this title shall be released December 1, 2016. Today, we shall reveal the title's name as well as a bit regarding what is it about.

Although we a priori release CDs, we make an exception from time to time. For example now.