Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming split album "UR" by the Czech tandem of the post-metal icon DROM and the alternative post-rock veterans Tengri. Today, we are diving into the visual side of this vinyl, thus bringing you the album frontcover.

Its author, as well as of the entire graphic design, is Ma Rie Fišerová, who is involved primarily in the Czech HC and alternative music scene as the vocalist of the dark crust act Lakka, as well as the publisher of the visual arts and music fanzine Mazinerie. Her unique artistic style also adorns the split albums of Decultivate and Ostra Torn, or Madebythefire and Goodfoul, as well as the full-lengths of Burning Steps or Esazlesa.

In addition, it is customary in our coverage to introduce the album tracklist alongside the frontcover and this time is no different. The soundtrack of "UR" shall thus offer the following five majestic compositions:

Jsi světlo, tak neboj (Drom) / - (Drom) / Potomci vědění (Drom) / Buďme jako voda, která všechno očistí (Tengri) / Buďme jako země, která všechno vydrží (Tengri)

So, enjoy and more next time!