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Good afternoon dear friends, how about another installment of our Lovecraftian tale, related to the upcoming new album "MANTA" by the Czech post-rock project Postcards from Arkham?

Dear friends, the Czech death-metalcore warmachine, signed under us, F.O.B. has a new music video for the song "The Adult Toys" from the current album "...and the foes have become our masters"!

Dear friends, as new week arrives, it is time for another installment of out coverage, that is, of our Lovecraftian tale, about the upcoming new album "MANTA" by Postcards from Arkham.

Dear friends, the first announcement regarding our label for this year is here! If you are following the Czech Lovecraftian post-rock project Postcards from Arkham, you may have noticed that PfA are amidst preparations of a new album entitled "MANTA", which, as its predecessor, shall be released by MetalGate Records in late summer 2017.

Do you recall Drunk with Pain? This Czech-Venezuelan metal pack won last year the sixth installment of MetalGate Massacre band contest, and one of the prizes gained was a music video by Artellery Creative Division (established parallel to our MetalGate studio, precisely to cover video production).

Dear friends, our Lovecraftian project Postcards from Arkham released a new music video for the final song of the "ÆØN5" album, "One World Is Not Enough"! Check it out!