Dear friends, in our presentation of the contents of the upcoming re-edition of the complete discography of the Czech death metal icon Tortharry, "25 let mezi nebem a peklem", we have reached present days.

We speak of course about the current eighth studio album "Follow", which was released once again by us on CD in 2013. For Tortharry, this piece was in a way another milestone, for two main reasons.

Firstly, it is the first album in the band's history that works with only one guitar. You see, before works on "Follow" started, guitarist Máca left the band and since Tortharry decided to continue in a three-member line-up, the new songs had to construed to suit one guitarist. Until then the music of Tortharry had always been based on two guitars, which allowed for various solos, playthroughs or different harmonies, but that was no longer possible.

The second change was again in terms of studio, for Tortharry decided to record for the first time in their history outside Czech Rep., namely in the renowned Polish studio Hertz of the Wieslawski brothers, where albums of such titans as Behemoth, Vader or Decapitated took shape. And since Tortharry wanted to be thoroughly prepared for the recording session in Hertz, they brought so many things with them that everyone in the studio, including those merely visiting, helped them with the load out (one of the helpers turned out to be Dariusz Brzozowski, the current drummer of Dimmu Borgir).

The band regards the recording in Hertz as the most professional one they have ever experienced. The work ran in 10 hour shifts, and evenings were marked by beef steaks prepared by the band manager Goro or by the band sound engineer Pedyk.

The tracklist of "Follow" contains nine songs. As the customary sample, we have for you the third track, "Inner Decay":


Worth mentioning is also the final track "Epilogue", to which a music video was made:


Enjoy and more next time!

"25 let mezi nebem a peklem" is released in a limited 300 pieces issue December 17, 2016, by MetalGate Records!