Dear friends, the April portion of our current release plan is to feature not only music, but also literature, for on April 30, we shall release the Czech edition of Non Serviam: The Story Of Rotting Christ, the official biography of this Hellenic black metal legend.

Welcome to the first installment of our releated coverage, in which we shall refresh what gives, and how it came to be.

Being not only Greek but also global black metal icon, Rotting Christ surely need no introduction. In 2018, the band reached its 30th anniversary, celebrating it with several special releases, one of them being the "Non Serviam: The Official Story Of Rotting Christ" book, published after three years in the making in December by the British publishing house Cult Never Dies, which is owned by one of the authors - the writer, publisher and journalist Dayal Patterson. The other author is none other than Sakis Tolis, the no less iconic founder and frontman of ROTTING CHRIST.

Both cooperated already before on Dayal's earlier literary endeavor - a book series about the global black metal scene - so, when said 30th anniversary became a thing, they joined forces again to forge the first official account of ROTTING CHRIST's history, presented from the very beginning, i.e. the birth of the Tolis brothers, all the way to the brand new album "The Heretics".

We first learned of this project in 2017 on the third installment of our Hellenic Darkness festival, and reckoned that it would be a pitty if the Czech fans of ROTTING CHRIST were unable to enjoy this tome. To our great delight, both authors agreed to a Czech translation.

It thus goes without saying that our edition is in Czech only, so if you seek the English original, please visit the Cult Never Dies e-shop.

Enjoy and more next time!