Dear friends, here comes another installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming eponymous debut of the Czech black-doom commando Hnus Umírající, which is rapidly drawing to its apex, as we are but a week away from release! In this, so to speak, final leg, we usually sample the music, whereby today we are bringing you one such single.

Entitled "Maruška", it is the penultimate fifth track on the album (not counting the intro), and behind it is a very real and very sad issue of animal abuse.

For Maruška is the name of a dog that had the misfortune of suffering at the hands of her owner for 13 long years. However, there was a happy end to her ordeal, thanks to Kateřina Šimková from the Czech animal rescue station Zvíře v tísni, z.s., who not only got Maruška out of that hellhole, but also wrote lyrics to this song, as Maruška's testimony, which HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ subsequently turned into music. For these black metal lizards are not blind and deaf to animal rights.

For full context, let us also add that the single art and animation is the work of the Czech visual artist and illustrator Michaela Fišerová.



So enjoy and more next time.