Dear friends and all black metal legions in particular, today is the official release, in cooperation with Naše desky, of the third full-length opus "Trpte" by the Czech triumvirate NĀV, in the formats of CD, vinyl and MC! Order now on MetalGate e-shop!

The black metal whirlwind NĀV are back with a new load of raw, uncompromising and atmospheric music. The third full-length is entitled Trpte, is released by the Prague-based label MetalGate and offers ten pitch black compositions that for all fans of the genre make the perfect soundtrack to the dreary days of late.

Released as a joint venture between MetalGate and Naše desky, the album is available in all formats, that is, on vinyl, CD, MC and digitally. All vinyl collectors will surely be delighted by the two color options the LP edition offers.

“Our priority were the vinyls and the cassettes, but it is of course nice that our new album is available in all versions. In general, I am glad that we once again shook hands with MetalGate and I hope the result is to the satisfaction of all involved, that is, of fans, the label and ourselves. We are very much happy with the outcome!” says Ivan, the vocalist and guitarist of NĀV.

You can in fact hear the qualities of “Trpte” yourself, as we are stream the album in full on our YouTube channel as usual:

The vinyl edition really brings forward the album art, especially in terms of the cover, which this time opted for a different approach than its predecessors, the one of visual realism and minimalism, the centerpiece of which is a sculpture, made for the band by Anna Krninská.

“Originally, we intended for a different album cover that was supposed to relate more to the new music video than to the album title, but the artist we commissioned was at the time short on inspiration, and the various other concepts were not really coming close to a cover for a black metal album,” explains Ivan, who for some time had an idea on how to follow up on the previous NĀV releases. The debut Smrtci had a linocut on its cover, Arcizlo had a painting, so the next logical choice was a sculpture. “For years I have been meeting in various bars Anička Krninská, a talented sculptor, whose works are on display around our hometown of Jindřichův Hradec, but also in Prague and elsewhere in the Czech Republic, and so I decided to get in touch with her. She enthusiastically agreed and after a few brief consultations, she brought us the piece, which we then photographed from all possible angles, along with a replica of a human skull, which we bought long ago and used as a stage prop on occasion. With Ondřej Šmejkal from MetalGate we then put together the whole visual design.”

The music of Trpte features several guest artists, the most notable being Veronika Zemanová, the vocalist of Kalle. Among the other ones are Václav Slavík from Five Seconds To Leave, or various friends of the band, who took part in choir vocals. The album follows in the vein of its acclaimed predecessors, meaning that the fans can once again look forward to a hefty dose of filthy and raging black metal.

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