Dear friends, here comes the third installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming new album "Toxin" of the Czech cyber metal orchestra MINORITY SOUND, in which we shall take a look primarily at the album art.

For we are bringing you the frontcover, authored, like the rest of the graphic design of "Toxin" by the talented Czech artist Daniela "Dahlien" Neumanová, who some of you may know as the vocalist of the modern death metal outfit DILIGENCE and of the sludge-doom project THE CORONA LANTERN. So, how find you her latest piece of art?

There is of course more, since as always we have here also the album tracklist that under the unsettling treatise on drugs and men offers the following eight opuses:

Deeds of Hate / Scarecrow / Toxin / Bipolar / Sunlight. Be me! Sunlight Begone! / Love & Mayhem / Disconnected Sympathy / Empty Sands

So, enjoy and look to the first taste of the new music next time!