Dear friends, our coverage pertaining to the CD version of the new album "In Situ" of the industrial metal mining consortium War For War, which this time nonetheless ventures into purely electronic (i.e. aggrotech) spheres and comes out next week no less, continues. Today's installment is a hefty one, for we are bringing you the album sampler!

You can thus listen to bits of all of the seven songs on "In Situ", as well as check out the lyrical background of each track (with mining motifs dominating, as is customary for WAR FOR WAR).

On top of that, our sampler is also showcasing the album art, which, akin to the predecessor "Illud Tempus", originated from with the band itself, meaning that the artistic talent of Lenka Machová was once again brought to bear to produce all the album illustrations. Lord Morbivod then took care of the overall design.

Out August 9!