Dear friends, D day is here! Today marks the official release of the third full-length "W.R.A.T.H." of the Czech thrash-death outfit ANTIGOD that brings to life the Siberian ordeal of the Czechoslovak Legions in the final year of the Great War. The album is released in digipak format and, as we announced yesterday, available in two editions, the special one of which contains army dog tags with band logo. Order now on MetalGate e-shop!

Attention! Though summer has begun, today the climate changes drastically, as we are unleashing a true Siberian winter, embodied in 13 thrash-death metal blasts of the Czech outfit ANTIGOD that depict the ordeals and bone-chilling reality of the Czechoslovak Legions during their evacuation from Russia at the end of WWI. The operation codename “W.R.A.T.H.” is now in effect!

Even on their third album, ANTIGOD leaves no room for doubt that military history is for them a rich source of inspiration. On “W.R.A.T.H.”, the band presents yet another chapter from wartime chronicles, fascinating in and of itself, but resonating all the more in the context of the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovak independence. The role of the Legions is sometimes underappreciated in this matter, and yet their fight against the Central Powers served as an important testament of how much the Czechs and Slovaks desire their own free state.

“W.R.A.T.H.” deviates little from its predecessor music-wise. You can thus look forward once again to a motherload of uncompromising thrash-death metal with guitar riffs as sharp as a bayonet, drums as fast as the Maxim machinegun fire, and a thundering bass that evokes an armored train steaming through the Trans-Siberian railway. All that underscored by the unmistakable vocal mayhem of the maestro Chymus

The new album is not devoid of changes though. The first and most prominent one is the departure of the bassist and band leader Martin Stoklosinski and the arrival of Vladimír Krč (THE MATRONES, ex-BOYCOT) as his replacement, having already passed the trial-by-fire on a live show while recording the bass parts for the new album. The second major change was a choosing a new place to record the piece – the GM Studio.

Check the musical qualities of "W.R.A.T.H." out for yourself, for we have for you a sample, the seventh song "Volunteer":

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