Dear friends, D day is here, as the second studio album "Dreadful Reflection" of the Czech hybrid metal horde Awrizis is now released in digibook format! Order now on MetalGate e-shop!

It took five years. Five years, if we do not count the split album with DESIRE FOR SORROW that came out in 2016. Now however, the wait is over, for today marks the release of the brand new album of the hybrid metal horde AERIZIS, and we can tell that it was well worth the wait! “Dreadful Reflection” is a splendid piece that will, on the scope of ten songs, take you through various extreme metal landscapes, while pumping a load of energy into your veins and first and foremost showcasing that the main thing at stake here is freedom.

Love of freedom emanates from every note of “Dreadful Reflection”, from every aspect of the album. Not only do individual songs have different vibe and emotional charge, whereby each one is de facto of a different genre, but no limits are placed in the visual and lyrical aspect as well, which only underscores how vital the freedom of creative expression is for the band leader and main composer Marek “Frodys” Pytlik.

If freedom is the conceptual pillar of the album, then the main goal composition-wise was to flood the listener with as much energy as possible. Since guitars are the main affective carriers here, special emphasis was placed on their raw sound during the recording sessions at the GM Studio. On top of that, the vocal side was reinforced by guest participation of three notable vocalists from the Czech scene, i.e. Chymus (ISACAARUM, ANTIGOD), Bilos (MALIGNANT TUMOUR) and Bruno (KRABATHOR, HYPNOS), which adds even more thrust to the piece.

And a bit of trivia to conclude with – did you know that composing the new album was in a sense a therapy for Frodys? “Dreadful Reflection” is thus his most personal statement to date, and, as Frodys himself observes, maybe the reason why the album is so “odd”.

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