Dear friends, the next installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming re-edition of the album "One Day" of the Czech symphonic metal hydra Arch Of Hell is here. Last time we covered the album art, so today it is time for a music preview.

If you recall the previously announced tracklist, you surely caught the fact that the second iteration of "One Day" shall contain an eponymous bonus song, absent from the 2009 version. And it is this composition that we bring you as said appetizer of what is to come!

This track is noteworthy is two ways already. Not only it is purely acoustic, and in fact even the very first unplugged song ever made by the band, but also, composition-wise, encapsulates the best moments from the whole album. So, check it out, for it is well worth the watch!



Out November 2017 under MetalGate Records. Pre-order now on MetalGate e-shop.