Dear friends, welcome to another installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming new album "Brownfields" of the Czech industrial black metal tandem Gorgonea Prima. Today, we have plenty of news for you:

First, the "Brownfields" frontcover which features the impressive photo by Andrew Howe of the Fiddlers Ferry coal power plant in Warrington, North West England. That said, the overall album art is the work of the GP frontman Hogath himself. What do you think?

Second, the album tracklist which consists of the following nine blasts:

Brownfields / The Snow Falling Up / Fight Or Fall / The Worker's Song / Black / The Will Cancer / Lebenfraktur / Steeldust Cocaine / ?

We will not yet reveal the name of the final song, for it is something special. If you want to know more, stay tuned to the FB page of Gorgonea Prima.

Third, as of today you can pre-order "Brownfields", so head on to MetalGate e-shop and reserve your copy now!

Enjoy and more next time!