The new conceptual album "Cygnus Oddyssey" of the Prague-based dark progressive experimental metal project Demimonde is officially out! Get ready for eight blasts, plus 21 pages of fully colored sci-fi action-packed graphic novel - all that in a splendid A5 digibook. Order now on MetalGate e-shop!

Atmosphere, grandiosity, technique, progressiveness. All these words can be used to describe not the highly experimental, but also extreme metal project DEMIMONDE that appeared on the advent of the millennium as a highly acclaimed response to the wave of the avant-garde metal that swooped in from the cold, yet metal rich north. Then, however, the band went silent for many years. Until now, when the new album “Cygnus Oddyssey” arrives to pick up where long ago the conceptual space opera “Mutant Star” left off.

The new album is special in many ways. Not only it contains a skillfully mixed brew of dark metal styles. Not only its production was joined by several notable guests, including Ashok, currently representing the Czech colors in the line-up of the iconic CRADLE OF FILTH. But also, it is released, by MetalGate Records, in a gorgeous A5 digibook format containing a 21 page long fully colored graphic novel that presents the album narrative. For “Cygnus Oddyssey” is also a conceptual album covering the journey of the inhabitants of Mutant Star towards the distant star of Cygnus so that they can start again after their original homeworld was consumed by apocalypse. Do you like sci-fi? We certainly do!

This second act of the aforementioned cosmic metal opera is filled with black, death, as well as electronic and orchestral music. It was recorded in not one but three studios, mixed and mastered by Zdeněk Čepička of POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM or FORGOTTEN SILENCE, and the outcome is certainly worth your while!

Complete press release available here.

Order now on MetalGate e-shop!