Dear friends, the third installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming new album "Cygnus Oddyssey" of the Prague-based dark progressive experimental metal project Demimonde is here! Today we bring you snapshots from the recording sessions...

...that took place in Davos (drums, guitars, bass), Cripple Sound (vocals) and Seabeast (guest vocals, guitars) studios. Mixing and mastering was then done by Zdeněk "Čepa" Čepička in the GM Studio.



Check out more photos from the recording session on MetalGate Facebook page!

Further details about the album are available in the following press release

As we anounced before, our coverage will take a break during the summer holidays, so expect new installments from the end of August onward, and these will cover the narrative and visual side of "Cygnus Oddyssey".

Also bear in mind that the album will be available already in August, exclusively on Brutal Assault 2016!