Dear friends, a lot of interesting stuff goes on in our Vsetín-based MetalGate Studio.

In December last year, we had a visit from the melodic black metal pack DESIRE FOR SORROW from České Budějovice that came to collect their prize from the fifth installment of the bands contest MetalGate Massacre, a recording session, and use it to capture on tape, so to speak, their new songs.

And while recording, a studio music video was made for one of the new songs, namely for "Unstained Emptiness". We hope you like it. We certainly do.


But that is not all! 

Shortly after Desire for Sorrow, master Frodys returned to our studio, this time with his psychedelic metal project AWRIZIS to also record new material for posterity, and in the process another studio music video was made, specificaly for the song "Dead For Sure", which is worth the watch as well.


And as the unfathomable movements of fate would have it, the spatio-temporal proximity of both acts resulted in an intersection that took form of a joint project that shall be unleashed by MetalGate Records on May 2, 2016!

We shall keep you informed of what it is when it is, so stay tuned!